My Ray-Ban Aviators

As with all areas of fashion,ray ban outlet sunglass trends come and go. Those of us who are old enough to remember the ’80s can recognize the current recycled looks with the mirrored colored lenses (Vuarnets and Oakleys anyone?) and the sorbet-colored Wayfarer frames that look they were pulled out of a costume closet from MTV’s golden age. There are also the porny, dark-to-light gradient lenses that remind me of the bad guys from the first two seasons of Charlie’s Angels. If Foster Grant re-issued their 1970s collections and marketed them effectively, they’d probably make a killing. The pendulum swings back at some time or another, and I’ve been a victim of several of those swings over the years.

One pair of sunglasses that has never let me down is my pair of cheap ray bans Aviators. Like a lot of men’s style standards that live with us today, aviators had their roots in the military. With their signature dark or mirrored teardrop-shaped convex lenses, wire frames, double bridge and bayonette earpieces, they were designed by Ray-Ban for pilots in 1936, then made available to the public a year later.

Their initial popularity was boosted by images of General Douglas Macarthur landing on the beach in the Philippines in World War ray ban wayfarer Since then, their popularity has ebbed and flowed over the decades. They were hot when Ringo and Paul donned them in the 1960s, and their sales exploded in the months following the release of Top Gun in 1986. In between, though, they were never “out.” Like many iconic and original staples of men’s style, they basically stood the test of time while other derivative designs and spin-offs came and went. Over the years, Ray-Ban has gotten trendy with lens colors and gradients, but the frames themselves have remained the same, available in a black, gold, silver or gunmetal finish. To accommodate different faces, the original iconic design comes in different sizes: the regular RB3025 and the smaller ray ban sunglasses cheap for “petite” faces. I actually have two pairs: one with original G-15 lenses and gunmetal frames, which go with everything, and another with silver mirrored lenses and silver frames, which go with almost everything. Both pairs are the smaller RB3044 frames to go with my Curious George monkey head. In addition to looking right every time, they feel weightless on the face and fold nicely into a breast pocket.

With a design that has stood the test of time, the ray bans for cheap Aviator has served me well for decades. Like a crisp and fitted white dress shirt, a well-worn pair of 501s or a tailored blue suit, they always work. I never travel without them.

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