The Deer Oaks Difference

Deer Oaks Geropsychology Services

Deer Oaks, the leading provider of geropsychology services across the US, offers a unique commitment to the senior adult and disabled adult populations. The many years of experience, ongoing education, internal workshops, and shared knowledge result in a service delivery system that is superior in quality care, customer service and clinical coordination. Services are provided on-site at nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. Services are typically available two days per week.

Experience the Difference – Services Provided On-Site at Facilities

Deer Oaks Geropsychology Services employs doctoral-level licensed psychologists as well as licensed masters level social workers and professional counselors who provide a wide variety of psychological services for individuals residing in long-term care and assisted living facilities.  The Deer Oaks Team stretches way beyond just urban markets and reaches into rural communities with in-person therapy services.

  • Diagnostic Assessment

    Initial assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning/goals.

  • Psychological Evaluation

    Utilized to address diagnostic questions, focus treatment and depth to treatment goals.

  • Psychotherapy

    Ongoing psychological counseling focused on achieving goals set out in treatment plan.

  • Plan of Care Review

    Every four months we review psychotherapy progress toward goals and assess current symptoms and functioning. This is used to set new goals and/or discharge planning.

  • Discharge

    This includes recommendations for ongoing stability and maintenance of functioning

Deer Oaks’ clinicians will participate in the resident’s care as directed by the resident’s family and nursing home staff. Our goal is to support the staff through well-documented behavioral health services and open communication regarding the resident’s well-being and quality mental health care.

Development of Master Treatment Plan

The Deer Oaks clinical team has many years of experience in working with the geriatric population. Deer Oaks has developed effective approaches to meet the needs of individual residents to help design and implement individualized treatment plans that offer the following:

  • Comprehensive psychological and Neuropsychological Assessments that incorporate clinical information and accurate diagnoses to be completed within two weeks of the evaluation.
  • Professionally written documentation of these assessment results are placed in the nursing facility chart of each new resident referral with a copy mailed directly to the office of the attending physician. These results are discussed directly with the facility’s care plan team members, other professional staff at the nursing facility, family members and resident when appropriate.
  • Emphasis is placed on medical conditions, medication regimen, and psychosocial and biological factors that contribute to the emotional and behavioral well-being of the resident.
  • Development of a Master Treatment Plan with clearly defined goals and objectives based on the assessment results with realistic expectations stemming from the resident’s diagnosis and capabilities utilizing a systemic and holistic approach.


Consultation with Nursing Home Staff

Deer Oaks understands the importance of being a part of the nursing home interdisciplinary team and working in a cohesive manner to deliver the best quality of care possible. The goal of Deer Oaks is to consult and interact as much as possible with the resident’s nursing, medical, and rehabilitation staff. Deer Oaks strives to solicit valuable information from other patient care services and to similarly provide prompt feedback and informative recommendations to the team.

  • Participate in Case Management Meetings
  • Act as Liaison with Family Members
  • Assist with Patient Chart Review
  • In-Service Seminars
  • Clinical Expertise

Deer Oaks conducts ongoing consultation with the nursing home professional staff, attending physician and family members, where the focus is to share the assessment results and intervention strategies that are developed through direct and indirect contact with the patient. While some residents may benefit more than others from therapy or counseling services, others benefit from the implementation of modified treatment approaches to decrease the emotional and behavioral disorders evidenced by the resident. These behavior modifying treatments are reinforced with the resident, and instruction, direction, and modeling are provided to nursing facility staff in order to increase their understanding and expectations of each individual resident.

Information gleaned from the resident through this consultation process is shared openly and regularly with staff and family so that these individuals assume responsibility for change and improvement in the resident’s quality of life. The continued consultations serve to monitor symptom changes, trouble-shoot behavior management plans, and promote communication regarding psychological and psychiatric needs.

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