See what our client facilities have to say about Deer Oaks

“I have had the pleasure to work with Deer Oaks for approximately the past 2 ½ years. During that time, I have appreciated the team work that Deer Oaks has provided. Deer Oaks not only provides individual therapy, in which we have observed significant improvements, but their team work, which is the emphasis of their company, provides a close consultation with our staff. This consultation model has provided our staff with much guidance and assistance, and therefore providing the best services to our residents. It is important to note that our staff input has always been appreciated and valued by the Deer Oaks team. Further, Deer Oaks is the only psychological service in this area that provides a complete and most thorough psychological evaluation with specific recommendations. No other service I have encountered has provided such an insight about our residents. In addition, the family members rely on the Deer Oaks Team to provide their loved ones, as well as themselves, guidance and resolve their own grief and adjustment issues.”

Mary H.
Social Services Director | Texas

“I have worked with Deer Oaks for the last seven years. I am very pleased with their services. Their staff are so reliable and caring. Many of our residents receive psychological services and are very happy with them. We are grateful to have these services available. They see roughly 1/3 of our residents. These services help people to cope with difficult things. They help with family problems to end of life issues, and many thing in between. I believe that their services really make a difference in the lives of our residents.”

Michelle T.
Social Services Director

“Many of our residents have concerns with depression, anxiety, grief and adjustment issues that benefit from receiving psychological services to assist with these issues. Deer Oaks has done an excellent job in offering these services to our residents. I also appreciate the prompt response in referrals. Deer Oaks is beneficial to our residents in that they do not have to leave the facility to go out to receive these services. Our residents have physical and emotional impairments that respond better to having their psychological services offered here instead of somewhere else in the community in which they are not familiar with. Thank you for your care and support that you have shown to our residents and staff.”

Beth K.
Social Services Designee | Iowa

“It is very nice to have an organization that cares for the mental as well as the behavior problems the residents deal with on a daily basis. Deer Oaks’ employees strive for privacy and is very respectful at all times. They communicate well with our staff.”

Facility Staff

“I have worked with Deer Oaks as a provider for psychological services in my facilities for almost ten years. I have worked with Deer Oaks both in the capacity of a Social Services Director, Administrator and Regional Director. Deer Oaks is an integral part of our team in helping us manage resident care to achieve the highest level of psychological and emotional capabilities. I always have partnered with Deer Oaks to provide psychological services to our residents. On more than on occasion Deer Oaks has provided telephone conference with the treating physician and well as the psychiatrist to provide the best care for our residents. They also provide treatment plan of care summaries for all residents and behavioral management plans for residents in need.

I have found Deer Oaks clinicians are very knowledgeable about the needs of geriatric patients and are very receptive to the specific needs of each nursing home in which they provide services. They communicate well with both the direct care staff and administration of the nursing home and respond quickly to any requests made of them.”

Frances P.
Administrator | Texas

“Deer Oaks does an excellent job in offering these services to our residents. I also appreciate the prompt response to referrals.”

Lori M.
Social Services Director | Iowa

“Many of our residents have been and are currently being seen by a Deer Oaks providers and all have benefited greatly because of this service that Deer Oaks provides. The residents look forward to their weekly sessions – many of them have overcome obstacles that they may have continued to suffer with if it weren’t for the weekly care and help that they receive from the staff of Deer Oaks. We have had cases that have been far from easy – residents that were very difficult to deal with due to their mental health needs and Deer Oaks staff made an unmanageable resident, turned them around and they are now a respectable and caring individual. One of our residents had been losing weight and refusing to leave their room or eat meals although after a couple sessions, this particular resident was enjoying activities and eating meals with their peers and gaining weight! I could give many cases about individuals and how they have improved and bettered their lives because of the people from Deer Oaks. Doctors have voiced how impressed they are with the documentation that is provided in each patient’s chart and the information is written on the same day of visit by Deer Oaks.

We cannot thank Deer Oaks enough for their care and support that they have shown to our residents and staff.”

Tresa D.
Social Services Director | Iowa

“For the past few years our facility has been working with Deer Oaks which has proven to be a true benefit for the residents at our facility. As the social services director, I honestly do not know what I would do with their services. They are such an asset to our organization. Long term care is a hectic and time consuming field that we do not always get to spend the quality time with the residents that they need or deserve. Having Deer Oaks as a partner allows us to make referrals for the psychological services to be provided to those that our medical team feels would benefit from psychological counseling. The Deer Oaks psychologists that have been assigned to our facility have been outstanding and professional. Our team could not ask for anything better. The residents look forward to their sessions and quickly develop a relationship with the counselors and truly develop a bond. It is a benefit to all and we hope to continue to a working relationship for many years to come.”

Christina T.,
Director of Social Services | Missouri

“The Deer Oaks Counseling Team has been a pleasure to work with. Communication has always been the key. The team updates me with concerns and issues that may arise. And vice versa, they have always been open to information that I have for them. When I have called them for any type of emergency assistance they have dropped what they were doing to help us out. They are always accommodating regarding time/scheduling with residents and families. They hold confidentiality at a very high standard and handle situations in a discreet and professional manner. I hope to continue this positive relationship we have built with Deer Oaks.”

Vicki N.
Director of Social Services

“Our facility has partnered with Deer Oaks for a few years now and appreciates access of their outreach to support our residents in their home setting whether Independent Living, Assisted Living or our Health Care Center (Skilled Nursing Facility). This is a great benefit for our residents and creates an ease in their working relationship while supporting quality of life.

The Deer Oaks Clinicians have demonstrated accessibility for consultation and reliability in scheduling. Communication is effective both in real time when conferring with our facility’s professional staff as well as in their documentation. In my role as Social Services Director for the facility, I seek input from residents as to their experience with Deer Oaks and compliment is shared as to sessions being meaningful. It is because of such first-hand experiences shared that I endorse Deer Oaks as an opportunity for assessment and supportive therapy.”

Julie A
Social Services Director | South Dakota

“As a skilled nursing facility we have been fortunate to have partnered with Deer Oaks for many years. They have provided much needed psychological help for residents with a variety of mental health issues. Depression is a typical diagnosis, but schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder are not uncommon in the geriatric nursing home population. Having access to a professional service enhances our ability to provide safe and appropriate treatment and contributes to the overall well-being of our residents. Mental health directly affects resident safety and quality of life here, and Deer Oaks provides a reliable source of treatment when treatment is indicated.”

Kimberly B.
Director of Social Services | Missouri

“Deer Oaks specializes in meeting the psychological needs of patients which is essential in caring for patients overall care and needs. I am a believer – these services work!”

Julie H.
Social Services Director | Missouri

“While each individual is unique, the crux of what we see our patients experience as possible barriers to their overall well-being, health and rehab include symptoms of depression, anxiety, adjustment to a skilled nursing setting, previous mental health diagnosis and grief work due to multiple losses in life. The professional standards and ability to relate to our vast diversity of patients speaks highly to the competence of each psychotherapist who comes to our facility. In addition, the therapists make themselves available to speak with family members as needed and are willing to educate our staff on best practices to dealing with a myriad of situations through informal sessions or a more formalized setting of staff meetings. The Deer Oaks team also connects with our Social Services Department while in the building, allowing us to collaborate with them before or following their sessions with each person on their case load. Our building currently has several patients receiving services, with two social workers overseeing referrals, mental health care plans and collaboration with providers of mental health services. Knowing we have qualified personnel from Deer Oaks Psychological Services, coming in and out of our building allows us to offer comfort to patients and their families by assuring them mental health needs are addressed. The therapists from Deer Oaks are a valuable resource for education to the interdisciplinary team at large; making themselves available by phone to answer questions and problem solve, off-site as well.”

Kimberly M.
Director of Social Services | South Dakota

“I personally can attend to improve moods and decreased in depressed mood symptoms. Every 90 days we complete a PHQ-9 mood screen with all our residents. For any residents who scores over 9 (mild depression) we notify their primary physician. Any residents who score 15-19 (moderately severe depression) or 20-27 (severe depression), we have the physician review for possible mediations or Deer Oaks Geropsychology Services. With the services of the Deer Oaks Team, we have been able to limit or prevent the use of depression medications.”

Kimberly S.
Social Worker | South Dakota

“Deer Oaks has been called on upon to help intervene with many difficult cases, including patients with severe physical disabilities, depression, agitation, medical illnesses, as well as behavioral and cognitive difficulties. Their services have help to ensure that the patient is receiving as much help as possible to enhance their overall level of functioning and to minimize the use of unnecessary medications. They consult with staff frequently, often making helpful recommendations regarding behavior management plans and psychotropic medications.”

Raul J
Director of Nursing | Texas