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Deer Oaks Geropsychology and Geropsychiatry Services

Deer Oaks has been in operation since 1992. The company started in San Antonio, Texas and expanded throughout Texas providing mental health services to children, families and the elderly. Over time, Deer Oaks recognized the significant need for mental health services in the long term care setting and began to shift its focus away from the traditional community based mental health population and move toward a specialization in geriatric psychology and mental health service in long term care settings.

Since the late 1990’s Deer Oaks single focus has been on geriatric behavional health in long term care. Over time Deer Oaks has built a strong clinical team and the company developed an APPIC approved geriatric psychology residency program and a geriatric psychology re-specialization program. In addition to its residency training programs, Deer Oaks has developed a structured training model that allows us to hire Psychologists, Social Workers, Psychiatrist, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants who desire to become geriatric specialist and train them not only in geriatric behavioral health but the specific skills necessary to practice within the long term care setting.

Deer Oaks has expanded beyond Texas and now has operations in 27 states throughout the US. The company is owned by Dr. Paul Boskind, a psychologist, and managed by clinicians who are experts in the field of geriatric behavioral health. Deer Oaks is focused on providing evidence based treatment for mental health issues as well as excellent customer service to the family, treatment team and other stakeholders involved in the lives of our patients. In addition to its specialization in geriatric behavioral health, Deer Oaks has extensive experience and expertise with Medicare and Medicaid regulations as well as the flexibility necessary to work with multiple state and managed Medicaid systems.

There are several areas where Deer Oaks is unique in the field of geriatric mental health. First, is the level of expertise that is available to the patient, treatment team and long term care facility. Deer Oaks provides a level of training and supervision in the field of geriatrics that is of the highest caliber. Second is our emphasis on effective evidence based psychotherapy and medication management practices that allow us to focus on moving the patient toward discharge and/or independent functioning. Our psychiatric medication management program brings board-certified psychiatrist, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants who are trained and practice under CMS guidelines to the patients bedside. Our goal is to provide the least amount of medications that are most effective.

The last differentiator is our model of care. Deer Oaks rounds on its patients at the facility in which they reside and most frequently we see the individual in the room in which they reside. Geriatric patients present a unique challenge in behavioral health due to not only the nature of their mental health issues but also their medical and functional issues. Many patients living in long term care facilities are bed bound, oxygen dependent, easily tired/overwhelmed, functionally limited, have complicated medication schedules and/or have issues of chronic pain. These medical complications make an outpatient visit not just difficult but very often a detriment to the immediate well-being of the patient. In long term care settings, an individual that has to go out to an outpatient appointment often returns worse than when they left.

The model of care used by Deer Oaks allows us to work with the patient’s entire treatment team including; nursing, rehabilitation and medical providers to decrease not only the mental health issue(s) but to do so in a way that contributes to and improves the individual’s overall health. In addition we also include family and other supportive people in the patient’s treatment process. In doing this we work to decrease the patient’s overall need for medical services as well as to improve their overall health and well-being.

For information about our services please e-mail info@deeroaks.com or call 888-365-6271.

Deer Oaks EAP Services

Deer Oaks EAP Services is a premier, national Employee Assistance and Work/Life Company dedicated to helping our members improve their health and well-being through quality, cost-effective services. Deer Oaks has over two decades of experience in the mental health/EAP industry and currently serves 1 million members throughout the United States and Canada.

Deer Oaks offers public and private employer groups short-term counseling and Work/Life services that positively impact employee morale, performance, and productivity, as well as medical claims, turnover, and supervisor effectiveness. With a nationwide network of 54,000+ mental health providers and an additional 8,000 providers globally, Deer Oaks supports local, national, and international employer groups, delivering proactive programs and unparalleled customer service.

Call 1-866-EAP-2400 or e-mail eap@deeroaks.com for more information about Deer Oaks and its programs or to request a formal proposal.

MissionDeer Oaks | Behavioral Health Organization

Deer Oaks is a large behavioral healthcare organization offering Employee Assistance, Elder Assistance, and psychological and psychiatric assessment and treatment services throughout the United States.

The Deer Oaks mission is to:

  • Provide the highest quality behavioral health service possible
  • Provide exceptional Employee Assistance Program services to employers and employees
    through employer-contracted benefit programs
  • Provide short-term, clinically-effective, and efficient psychological interventions within
    a cognitive-behavioral model
  • Provide comprehensive diagnostic, assessment, and treatment services to the elderly,
    with particular emphasis on issues pertinent to geriatric psychology
  • Demonstrate leadership in the assessment and treatment of the elderly, primarily those who
    reside in long-term care facilities and assisted living communities
  • Guarantee a high-level of patient and referring provider satisfaction
  • Coordinate closely with primary care physicians, teachers, neurologists, psychiatrists,
    managed care companies, and other professionals impacting the course of treatment
  • Maintain a post-doctoral psychology residency training program which serves
    as a model for other practices